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  • 09/05/2019
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  • Reasons to register your company’s logo and brand
  • Por: Mier Esparza
  • What do your company’s logo and brand mean to you? You might tell us they are two of the most important elements of your identity because they allow for a better positioning in the market and they make you distinct from the competition. Regardless, we have met entrepreneurs who have not registered their logo and brand before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), and who, because of that, do not have the protection offered by the law to those who have this register.

    Are you one of them? If you think that this procedure is a waste of money and does not seem very useful, we offer some reasons to register your company’s logo and brand.


    1. Someone else might be using your brand

    This is the main reason why you need to register your brand as soon as possible. Many entrepreneurs think this is not necessary unless they have a big company and are producing hundreds or thousands of pesos every year. However, think of what you would do if you find out that someone else has registered the name and logo you created; this person could market services or products similar to yours, which could confuse your clients. Clients and potential clients trust the brand and do not often see who is behind it.

    Once the IMPI has granted trademark registration, an exclusive right of use is given to the holder of the register, who then becomes the only person who can use, manage, and commercialize the brand. Register before the IMPI grants rights. If someone tries to infringe this right, the holder of the register can take the legal measures supported by the law.  While it is true that anyone could make use of your brand, even if it is registered, you could now take the necessary legal measures before the IMPI to stop that person from doing it.


    2.Your brand is part of your commercial value

    Your brand and logo are the face of your company. They represent your history, your renown, and they bring you closer to your clients. When they are registered, they become an intangible asset that you, as its holder, can license or sell. If, in a couple of years, you wish to grow your company, you can make use of your brand to get higher incomes with minimum effort.

    Many of our clients think of brand register as too high of an expense that does not yield results. However, as you can see, this is not altogether true.