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  • 09/05/2019
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  • Mier Esparza Abogados: Who are we, what we offer, and why we are your best choice

    Welcome to the blog of Mier Esparza Abogados.

    Fortnightly, we will share a reflection about a legal topic that you cannot miss, from advice on how to handle the relationship between client and lawyer, to posts about specific litigations, news, or hearsay of the legal world of international relevance.

    If you do not know us… yet, it is important that you know who we are.

    In this firm, we are up-to-date, diverse, and accurate. A significant portion of our clients are start-ups, and we can identify with them. We are ingenious. We are cutting-edge because it is necessary in these modern times. We are entrepreneurs, always looking for new solutions to old problems.

    We live in a heterogeneous world, and this is our motivation to be diverse. We are convinced that, in order to solve complex problems, we need different lives, different intuitions and perspectives.

    We are prompt. We work from home or go to your office. We favor efficiency over hierarchy. We are result-driven. One of our main worries is the creation of a comprehensive workspace.

    We design transparent and equitable billing schemes.

    We will help you to find regulatory solutions and areas of opportunity.