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  • 09/05/2019
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  • The corporate lawyer is an ally to your business

    We know that most people think badly of lawyers, but in Mier Esparza we want you to think differently and think of us as allies. During our time as corporate lawyers, we have stumbled upon all kinds of problems, some of them stemming from clients’ lack of trust in our profession. That is why we want to tell you why and how a corporate lawyer can make your life easier.


    Your corporate lawyer will help you to have a good relationship with third parties.

    • Laws and government. Those procedures that now seem so complicated and impossible to understand can be handled by your corporate lawyer with easy and professionalism. This additional help will allow you to focus on your company.
    • Clients, employees, and suppliers. The corporate lawyer will help you guarantee a good relationship with third parties. He will write the contracts that will ensure your protection and outline your rights and obligations.
    • Partners and investors. The relationships with partners and investors can create doubts that it is important to address before they give rise to economic and fiscal problems that can compromise the integrity of your business.  Your corporate lawyer will be in charge of analyzing, understanding, and explaining any issues.


    Save time and money

    Are you interested in using your time to study law and carrying out administrative procedures? We are certain that you prefer to use your time to grow your business, and this is where a corporate lawyer can help you.

    He will be your guide in the administrative procedures you need; he will explain anything you do not understand and advise base on your specific needs.

    How much is your time worth? The advice of a corporate lawyer is paid with the income you earn while he takes charge of legal matters and you focus on your business.

    As you can see, hiring the services of a lawyer is a worthy investment. He will make the process of starting and developing your company easily and effectively.