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  • 09/09/2019
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    Mier Esparza Abogados celebrated the beginning of a new phase with the Event “Liquid Tranquility”. With delicious cocktails, created in a unique and original way so that each of them represented a legal service we have in the law firm, we wanted to share what we offer as attorneys.

    We began with “Prevention”, fresh water with strawberries, basil and bergamot. Sweet and refreshing. You never get tired of it. Avoids future headaches due to legal problems and in this case, literally because of the cocktails.

    Guests had to have a glass of “Prevention” between each cocktail and the attorneys of the law firm made sure of it, since every guest had to obtain our signature in order to get to the next cocktail.

    After, there was “Closeness, a whisky based cocktail with angostura, and frosted with powdered maple syrup, a warm taste of traditional ingredients well mixed but with a twist. Strong like Mier Esparza Abogados but fresh so you won’t get tired, is a drink you want to keep close to you. 

    We look to transmit the relevance of “Closeness” and always “Prevention”, as core values in our practice.

    Even though “Closeness” and “Prevention” where the constants throughout the night, as they are in the day to day of Mier Esparza Abogados, during the event we presented the new legal services that, in addition to the traditional corporate services, the law firm offers: (i) Intellectual Property; (ii) Advice on Litigation; (iii) Compliance; (iv) Migratory; and (v) Labour.

    The theme of the night was “Let us accompany you” and in this way our guests discovered the taste of law driven with cleverness, agility and creativity.


    We thank Que Esto Que Lo Otro for giving us such a unique and special experience.


    All the cocktails were designed by Que esto que el otro, company dedicated to generating conceptual cocktails according to the occasion. The bar artists of today are Mapo Molano and Oscar Vale. If you want us to generate a drinkable conversation for you, write us at eventos@artistasdelabarra.com


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