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  • Success Stories
    "They understand, analyze, tackle and solve our legal matters as if they were their own."
    Bruno Blackmore, Blacktrust Group
    "Mier Esparza stands out for their excellent personalized attention and their timely answers. "
    Gerardo Cárdenas Vogel, LFB México
    "Mier Esparza has been a key ally who has accompanied us in the achievement or our institutional and professional goals."
    Alberto Cárdenas Peña, Innovare
    "Mier Esparza is a cornerstone for the expansion of my business."
    Lisa Schvartzman, Fitpass
    "If I had to describe our relationship with Mier Esparza in two words, they would be admiration and trust."
    Carlos Roca Alarcón, Mellow Consulting
    "What we like the most is their professionalism, how they attend to and follow up our requests."
    Anabell Trejo Branch, Get In
    "Mier Esparza is distinguished for creating a very personal relationship, their promptness and efficiency. Additionally, their fees are reasonable and honest."
    Francisco M. Pérez Atamoros, Dermatrends
    "I believe one of the key elements distinguishing the service provided by Mier Esparza is their humane side and the close attention they pay to our cases, as well as their unconditional commitment."
    David Cedeño, Mexico Vivo
    "They are not an external law firm. They are our legal department."
    Bruno Blackmore, Blacktrust Group
    "A nimble, trustworthy legal team with excellent communication to prevent and solve problems."
    Carlos Roca Alarcón, Mellow Consulting

    The Firm is aware of the needs of our clients and the challenges that each of them faces every day, it is for the foregoing that our legal team focuses not only on providing legal services, but on understanding your business and thus becoming an ally legal.